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Behind and in front of UNNO is a small and dedicated team based in Barcelona, Spain, led by Cesar Rojo, engineer and accomplished ex-World Cup downhill racer. With his team at CERO Designs, Cesar is behind some of the most ground-breaking bike and suspension designs in the mountain bike industry of the past ten years, such as pioneering what is now universally known as the “long and slack” geometry that has been adopted pretty much industry-wise. CERO Designes continues to be a cutting edge engineering and design firm with high-profile customers in the bike industry and in the automotive industry.

Our evolution


For us UNNO is a combination of passion and challenge. Passion, because we are all passionate mountain bikers, who wanted to design and build the bikes they had always dreamed of riding. But that’s nothing new: we all love mountain biking right? What makes UNNO unique is the challenge, because we’ve decided to accomplish our dream in the hardest way possible: by undertaking the entire design and manufacturing of carbon mountain bike frames in-house, in Barcelona;

maintaining full control over the entire process and applying everything we’ve learned in the past ten years of designing some of the most advanced bikes out there. We felt this was the perfect way to distill our unique background of riding, engineering and design into our bikes, something you can feel and enjoy.

"My hardest journey so far, and we just started walking"
— Cesar —

Our History

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