Welcome back to our Friday #askmeanything series – this week’s question comes from Instagram user @josevortiz: “The process of making unno bikes took a couple of years. No doubt it was a remarkable process of research and testing, but in an industry that evolves and changes so quickly are those bikes on the game still?”

Cesar’s answer: “Our bikes are not in the game, are on TOP of the game! The bicycle industry does not really evolve that much, I would say in the last 10/15 years the only real evolution has been going from 26″ to 27.5″ and 29” wheels, dropper posts and longer, slacker geometries (and we started the last one with our designs for Mondraker).

Other than that the I would not define the rest of the changes as an evolution, just an improvement, if at all.

And the real test for that is very easy, I am sure if I would prepare two bikes for you, one could have have Boost axles, the other won’t, then two more bikes, one with a metric shock, the other with a standard one and we could go on with many other things… at the end of the day you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two bikes. You can tell the difference between a good and a bad rubber compound tires, you can tell the difference from a top of the line shock to a very simple shock, from a properly setup bike and a poorly setup bike.

What makes a good bike is the package and the feel of the frame and that feel of the frame is why making the bikes here, in a 100% controlled environment, sets us apart from the rest. This is the reason we took so long to get the bikes ready to go on sale, making them the best we could. And it will only get better from here…”



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