28/11/2018 Friday #askmeanything – Episode 4

As you might have noticed we’ve moved the day when we publish Cesar’s answer to Wednesday, but the format stays the same: every Friday post your question in the comments of our Instagram or Facebook posts, then the following Wednesday Cesar Rojo will pick the most interesting and challenging questions and reply personally here on this space. This week’s question is pretty simple, and comes Florentin Haunold via Facebook: ” What was the biggest struggle when it comes to building Unno as a company?”

Cesar’s answer: “I wish it would have been only one struggle… but I have to say that at some point every single thing was a struggle in some way. For sure the hardest part for us was to create the manufacturing process from scratch and learn everything about it to reach the highest possible level.

This took, and is still taking, lots of time. Designing the bikes is fairly easy for us as we have done it and still do for different brands, but the manufacturing process definitely presented a long list of challenges. Everything has proven to be difficult, for example something as small as the supplier for the decals has been very hard to find. With production in Asia this is something you don’t even have to worry about, you send the design and you get them done in a couple weeks. We needed to find a local supplier who would answer our emails to start with, then do sample runs, discover they wouldn’t work for some reason, find another supplier, do paint compatibility tests…you get the idea. And it has been like this with everything, but we are here for the long run and to become the best and also the cleanest bike company in the world, so all this is completely worth the effort and time.”


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