New episode of our Friday #askmeanything series, this week with a bonus answer by Cesar:

Instagram user acachado asks: “I believe Cesar is the only one able to put an end to the 27.5 vs 29 debate – I’d love to hear his thoughts?”

Cesar’s answer: “Well, for short travel bikes it’s very clear that 29” is the way to go, for longer travel it’s less important, wheel diameters on motorcycles are smaller than 29” by a big margin, so the inconvenience starts to become more obvious and as you can see on DH races, there is not a real advantage of 29” over 27.5”.  As with everything you might have an advantage in one section on the 29” and in another on the 27.5”. My personal bike is a 27.5” and I also like to ride the 29” from time to time… Being 100% honest, I don’t feel happier riding one or the other, I don’t feel I can do something on one that I cannot do on the other and I don’t feel any noticeable speed difference, the speed differences is more related to my mood and fitness that day… Also I do not use Strava, or race, so really don’t care if I am 1” quicker. Bottom line, for longer travel bikes you won’t go wrong with either wheel size, except if you are not very tall and pick a 29” – then you will have a lot of issues rubbing your “rear end” on the tire.”

Bonus question for this week from mike.mtb: “When will you produce the frames in larger sizes please?”

“We are looking to release 2 or 3 of our models for 2019 in a longer size, but we do not have any set date on the table right now. We’re working to bring the full range into production with the Aora and Horn XC bike, and then we’ll start tackling these next projects like larger sizes”.


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