Last episode of our #askmeanything series for 2018, here are two questions from last Friday, Cesar will be answering your questions again in January. Enjoy!

First question is from our Instagram fan endumurcia – What do you expect for the future of UNNO? to sell more bike? keep an exclusive bike but with more cheaper/accesible price for more persons? develop a new improved version of the current models but in the same line prices?

Cesar: “Our idea is to keep the prices fair in relation to our production costs, this is all I can say for now, in the future we’ll see, but it is clear that if we’ll find ways to reduce the costs we will. But something that is clear is that we are aiming for the highest quality standards and that for sure will hardly translate into a “cheaper” line of bikes. In the future we plan on continuing with the same model range, but of course with improvement based on our learnings through this years plus the customer feedback we get as well, not only to improve the bikes but the whole brand. Our effort is aimed not only at the product itself (i.e. the frames) but at the entire process, including things which are often overlooked in the bicycle industry like environmental impact, use of clean energy, etc.”

Will Lewis from Facebook: What factors do you consider when speccing the bearings for the linkages on your Ever, Burn, and Dash?
Cesar: “We had in consideration the role they’d play in the stiffness of the frameset and the maintenance they will require. Before opening the molds for carbon we did a couple of alloy mules and we went through different bearing layouts as the initial one wasn’t giving us enough stiffness on the drive side. For production we ended up using double bearings on the drive side. Due to the higher loads of DH riding the EVER uses bigger bearings in the critical areas. As a note, the race team was able to do spend the whole World Cup season on the same set of bearings, just giving them some love after each race to get them nice and clean. As we use hard coated races and balls they are very resistant against corrosion.”


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