Pinkbike’s Mike Levy spent almost six months testing the UNNO Dash, and his review is, as usual, very insightful and interesting to read. Here is one of the most interesting parts:

“This will be a fast bike in the right hands, which is especially true if said rider fancies themselves as being someone who seeks out the tiniest of landings and sneakiest of lines. With the ability to find speed anywhere, a compact wheelbase, and suspension that knows its job entails more than just absorbing bumps, the Dash is for the rider who approaches singletrack in an inch-perfect way. They’re going to look for roots to use as lips or transitions to help carry a smidge more speed, but also that riding is almost always about more than just all-out speed. He or she might also love the kind of terrain that rewards technical skill over full-beans bravado, and they’re certainly the type to have their shit together.

When it is time for that full-beans bravado on a fast, rough trail, the Dash’s angles are ready for more than its suspension ever will be, and I mean that in the best possible way. Geometry is more important than your feelings and opinions about suspension and wheel size, and it’s also why the Unno can be a rocketship everywhere but on the fastest, scariest terrain. The rooty, rocky, and often steep-as-a-wall trails here in Squamish felt especially well-matched to the Dash’s ability to pop up and over things that would otherwise slow you down while at the same time making short work of the chutes. It’s compact enough to snake through tight and awkward (in the best way) corners with ease, too.”

Click here to read the full review on Pinkbike.

You can order your UNNO Dash in either Factory or Elite build or as a frameset.



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