XC like never before
AVAILABLE - September 2018

29″ wheels 1.640 gr with shock and axles with 100 mm of travel with an aggressive geometry for one of the lightest frames in the market. Only 50 units will be available each year. The Horn is fully designed, engineered and manufactured in Barcelona.


Our exclusive Patented dual link suspension kinematics with 100mm of travel are optimized for the use of an air shock to make the most of every millimeter of rear travel.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's kinematics


Designed and engineered by UNNO in Barcelona, taking innovation and precision into the next level. We have taken the love for details into the next level. If we took 4 years to make them, was because our main focus was perfection.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's design


We have created our own test standards, way more demanding and using the latest technology from our partners 2D Data Recording and HBM. Each bicycle receives its own development according to the use that is going to be given, doubling or even tripling the industry standards in some cases.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's development


Not only have we designed the bicycles in Barcelona but we have also manufactured them completely here, in our own facilities, where each single frame is handcrafted from the layup to the final painting and assembled with an obsessive care for details.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's manufacturing


The main reason that led us to make this brand was to implement the latest technology without restrictions. If there is something that is not missing from any of our bikes, that is technology. By using higher strength and high modulus fibers we have been able to make one of the lightest production frames.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's technology


If we have been pioneers in something at UNNO, it was definitely in geometries. We were the first to design extra long bikes for Mondraker Forward Geometry. Since then we have been ahead and gone a step further to realize that mtb is not only about stability and speed, it is also about fun, going sideways in turns, jumping, whipping... That is why we have designed UNNO bikes according to what we believe will be a future standard of geometries with a perfect balance between stability and fun.
Learn more about UNNO Horn's geometry
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