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IKKI Factory S1
IKKI Factory S2
IKKI Factory S3
IKKI Race S1
IKKI Race S2
IKKI Race S3

Imagine the lightest e-bike motor possible, combined with long travel, seamlessly integrated in an unbelievably compact package. IKKI represents the bike that seemed impossible not too long ago – something achievable only in a biker’s dreams. It looks like an analogue bike. And rides like an analogue bike. But even better.


170/160mm travel, from 360Wh and 50Nm torque. Designed and engineered in Barcelona.

"The IKKI is incredibly nimble on demanding, techy trails and doesn’t shy away from rougher terrain either"
— Enduromag —
"The biggest highlight of the IKKI is its stability. It's incredibly well-balanced when going fast and has a very high ceiling for speed"
— BikeRadar —
"The progressive suspension offers travel reserves for the moments you get truly wild, and really inspires you to give it that extra bit of pull off of every lip."
— The Loam Wolf —

Meet the TQ HPR50: the quietest and lightest motor in its class.

Thanks to its compact design and lower charging port, the IKKI preserves the same looks as its analog sister, the BURN.
Learn more about the e-system

Integrated solutions for an aggressive attitude

Simple. Lightweight. Robust.
Learn more about IKKI Integration

Pioneering geometries for a lifetime

Since it's the first time we do sizes at Unno, we wanted to make them properly. Choose between reach-based sizes: S1, S2 and S3. Watch out! At 35% recommended SAG, geometries become longer, lower and slacker than others! Ask us if you're in doubt.
Learn more about IKKI Geometry

Introducing our signature virtual pivot platform

Sliky smooth travel. Meet our high progression ratio kinematics.
Learn more about IKKI kinematics


Thanks to the use of recycled parts, Oceanworks could collect 15,000kg of plastics from the sea.
Learn more about recycled plastic

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